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Discover the sports preparation & recovery routine.

The Heated is a relaxing and warming massage gel enriched with arnica and intended for muscle preparation. As its name suggests, it allows you to warm up the horse's muscles, tendons and joints before work in order to limit contractures and the risks of a cold start.

The Polar is a refreshing and astringent massage gel enriched with arnica and intended for sports recovery. The cold effect brings relief and relaxation to joints, tendons and muscles, it accelerates recovery time. Anti-inflammatory and decongestant, it reduces the pain message after exercise, improves blood circulation and the elimination of toxins. Fleece reduces sensitivity and relieves muscle or joint discomfort.

🇫🇷Handmade, based on ingredients of natural origin & eco-responsible packaging!

Locomotion Box

€57.80 Regular Price
€50.00Sale Price
    • The Heated (250mL), warming cream, prepares the muscle for exercise, relaxes & reduces aches
    • The Polar (250mL), cold gel, helps recovery after exercise, soothes & reduces tension

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