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The Soothing gently cleanses, soothes itching and combats dandruff.

The Soothing is a biodegradable solid shampoo for coats and manes. This shampoo enriched with Calendula and Marshmallow extracts is cold-saponified in our workshop in France, near Lille. Calendula and marshmallow calm itching and soothe sensitive skin, preserving the skin's natural moisture. Tea tree and Lavender essential oils help combat skin problems, purify and promote skin regeneration.

The Soothing is perfectly suited to horses with sensitive or reactive skin (redness, irritation, dandruff) or horses with skin problems (dermatitis, mud mange, etc.).

No coloring, no preservative, no paraben, no sulfate.

🇫🇷 Handcrafted, based on ingredients of natural origin & responsible packaging!

This 100g shampoo is available in its stainless steel storage box or as a refill in a kraft bag.

Bonus: To loosen dust and remove dead hairs, use our small sisal glove Made in France. All you have to do is slip the shampoo into the glove, wet it and off you go for a good big shampoo!

THE SOOTHING, Solid shampoo for sensitive skin

Expédition prévue à partir du 20 Juillet
    • Cleanses and removes dirt,
    • Deeply moisturises and nourishes the skin,
    • Soothes itching and irritation,
    • Fights dandruff and skin problems,
    • Purifies and promotes skin regeneration.