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Afraid of sprays or using Le Chasse-Bibittes? Use the repellent balm.

The Repellent is an anti-insect balm. The essential oils and plant extracts it contains protect the horse and keep insects away for a long time. In addition to its repellent properties, the repellent balm has moisturising and soothing properties thanks to its coconut oil content. It nourishes and softens dry, sensitive skin, and also has a refreshing effect when applied.

🇫🇷Handcrafted from natural ingredients & eco-responsible packaging!

Bonus: The repellent can be used on its own or in conjunction with the insect repellent. Some areas of the horse cannot be reached with the spray. Take your washcloth and apply Le Répulsif to the belly, inner thighs and/or head, avoiding the eye area.

CAUTION! Do not apply to pink skin that is sensitive to the sun's rays.

THE REPELLENT, Anti-insect balm

    • Repousse les insectes,
    • Protège le cheval des agressions et piqûres d’insectes,
    • Résiste à la transpiration.