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The Aseptic cleans, eliminates bacteria and fungi, fights against skin and hoof infections.

The Aseptic is a sanitizing and disinfectant spray. It prevents infections and promotes healing of affected tissues thanks to its antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic actions. Its combination of essential oils and colloidal silver effectively cleanses skin wounds and the horse's foot.

Bonus: The Aseptic is an effective solution for fork rot and anthills. It cleanses and eliminates the agents responsible for various foot conditions. Ideal for horses with sensitive hooves, living outdoors or in a humid environment.

Available in 250mL format or 150mL pocket format.

REFILL YOUR CONTAINER AT HOME! With its 500mL doypack refill solution.

🇫🇷 Handcrafted, based on ingredients of natural origin & responsible packaging!

THE ASEPTIC - Disinfectant spray

    • Disinfects hoof lesions (abscesses, nails, etc.) and skin (wounds, irritations, etc.),
    • Instantly penetrates skin and tissues & cleanses deeply,
    • Sanitizes fabrics & improves the effectiveness of products.