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The Serene relieves stress, limits excitability and anxiety, and promotes mental calm.

The Serene is an anti-stress massage oil enriched with essential oils. As its name suggests, it promotes mental serenity in horses and helps them through stressful events.

Its synergy of essential oils has a soothing action and reduces the horse's nervousness. It also helps the horse to manage its fears and has an anti-fatigue action.

The Serene is recommended 15 minutes before a stressful event (transport, competition, outdoors, etc.) by massaging mainly into the muzzle and chest.

🇫🇷 Fabrication made from natural ingredients & eco-responsible packaging!

REFILL YOUR CONTAINER AT HOME! With its 500mL doypack refill solution.

THE SERENE, Anti-stress oil

    • Relieves stress,
    • Limits excitability and anxiety
    • Reduces nervousness and helps manage fears
    • Helps to calm the mind.